Brandon Jones

known around the office as B. Jones or in my head as awesome slightly mysterious guy, joined us two years ago as photo booth operator/color corrector/second shooter, and this year as full associate photographer. What makes him awesome is his passion for good photography—we rarely see him without a camera—and his kind, calming presence, combined with a killer work ethic. Just as an example, I (Laura) show up for jobs almost pathologically early. I leave time for traffic, for getting hungry or for a total car breakdown. I could practically walk to my jobs from New Jersey and get there on-time, and Brandon shows up just a wee bit earlier.

We managed to lure him in just after he returned from his stint in the Peace Corps, where he served in a small village in the north of Togo, West Africa. There he taught English, ran after-school programs, coached soccer and helped establish micro-finance groups for local entrepreneurs—all, of course, with his camera close at hand. Oh and why is he mysterious? Maybe we're just not sure how we got so lucky and got this cool guy on-board. Meet him and see for yourself!

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